Donnie Dennis

Chef de Cuisine, a.k.a. #tastemaster

Tester, taster, and experience-maker, Donnie Dennis brings real passion to his role. As Chef de Cuisine, works hand-in-hand with Executive Chef Dave Lefeve to bring culinary visions to life. He lends his love to the entire process: helping with menu creation, cooking, and styling. Donnie’s secret to success is a hands-on approach and appreciation for real, quality ingredients.

Donnie is a Certified Food Service Manager with and A.O.S. in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Whales University. He’s worked his way up the food chain from sous chef to second-in-command. As Chef De Cuisine at Delia’s Catering, his menu creations and cooking skills helped launch the company to number 25 on The Washingtonian’s Top 100 Restaurants list.

Donnie himself grows many of the herbs, fruits, and vegetables that make up Heirloom’s seasonal menus. He uses organic techniques to create savory cured meats (you won’t find a better house-made pancetta!). His true talent lies in sussing out flavors, like the natural sweetness of a lemon cream sauce that’s derived from the zest. Donnie’s taste-mastery keeps smiles on the faces of guests—and a grin on ours in the kitchen.

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George Theodorou &
Alki Meyer

For the Theodorou siblings, food is a family heirloom. George and Alki support the latest in their family’s line of successful culinary ventures, which include Delia’s Restaurants (Springfield and Alexandria, VA), Delia’s Catering, Medi, and now Heirloom Catering and Event Design.

George is a former professional athlete and entrepreneur with a flair for running a team. After earning his Business Marketing degree, he began managing and expanding the Delia’s Restaurants and opened a new modern Mediterranean grill, Medi. His knack—and passion—for operational management makes him the glue behind the scenes. George is well respected as a Kitchen Director, leading loyal and productive teams.

Alki matches her siblings’ business acumen, worldliness, and love of fine cuisine. After earning a degree in International Business, she worked at the Greek Embassy and became a top sales rep and manager for Nordstrom, then owned and operated the locally-renowned Old Hickory Grille in Maryland. She eventually returned home to manage business aspects of the family company, driving innovation and long-term growth initiatives across all brands. She contributes her exquisite tastes to testing dishes and devising new menu items.

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Alisa Rabinovich

Floral Designer

As Heirloom’s resident floral designer, Alisa Rabinovich brings creative visions to life. She devotes attention to each project ensuring the very last bloom is arranged perfectly. Born in Taschkent, Uzbekistan, Alisa has lived in over ten countries giving her a bouquet of life experiences. Alisa bloomed at an early age with her first solo art show when was she was 16 years old.

Over the years, she’s grown and nurtured her talents studying floral design at the Pratt Institute, FIT and Moscow School of Higher Economics. While in Europe, she sniffed out the competition working as a buyer, visual merchandiser, personal shopper and stylist.

Alisa has arranged more than just flowers over the years and has also designed costumes and wardrobes for a number of films. In addition, she has a jewelry line and sells her art in various local galleries. Alisa brings her years of experience to the Heirloom team where she currently helps design and execute florals and tablescapes for events. She has a great creative eye and her seasonal and fresh arrangements bring Heirloom’s stylish food to life.


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